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I am excited to announce that I've teamed up with Bre from La Liberte Design Co. to use our interior design services for good! 


The NICU Nursery Project is our way of giving back to NICU families in our area. See how it works and how you can get involved!

Henry's story

My son Henry was born unexpectedly at 34 weeks and 4 days. He spent 6 weeks fighting in the NICU.


I spent my maternity leave at the hospital with him and created Grace Ryan Designs inspired by his fight. Watching our warrior baby fight to come home to me inspired me to fight to be home with him. 

Today, our sweet boy is wild, free,  truly resilient and by my side as we create a more beautiful world together. 


The NICU Nursery Project was created by  La Liberte Design Co. This project was created to organize and raise funds to design at-home nurseries for NICU families.


We crowdfund donations for families in need and take care of all their nursery essentials — from beautiful decor to cribs to changing stations — including stocking up on diapers and clothes for their new baby.

How it works

When a NICU family is nominated, we reach out to the nominator and family to gather more details and how to schedule the nursery donation based on team and funding availability. 

Yes, you can nominate yourself! We are happy to support families who are currently in the NICU or who were in the NICU in the last year. 

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