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Let's make the world a more beautiful place!​

My mother always said, "leave  a place looking better than you left it". This is exactly what we want to do! Making beautiful homes made for life to happen in is what we are all about. 

Who We are


Grace Ryan Designs is a full service interior design studio founded in Lemont, PA. Our design studio offers an array of design services personalized to you and your project. We are inspired by the Victorian home where Grace Ryan Cousins grew up in with her sisters. Our designs are also influenced by childhoods filled with color and fun and of course Grace’s true love, Savannah, GA where she attended Savannah College of Art and Design.


Grace Ryan Designs was created to bring the teachings of classic southern design to PA along with reflect the unique personalities of those we design for. Our team of Cousins girls works together to create inspiring, comforting and inviting spaces using our feminine roots, heart for historic charm, southern living and eclectic youth. Together we tell your story by hand selecting items, curating vintage pieces, and carefully layering design elements. We know the importance of details in a space, such as lighting, use of color, pattern, and texture and skillfully balance each to create a functional, beautiful and welcoming home made for living.


Owner & Head Designer 

Grace Cousins

Grace Ryan is a proud mama of two, artist and interior designer who grew up in Lemont, PA.  


Grace studied interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. The historic charm of Savannah can be seen throughout her work. She has gained experience by working amongst designers, home builders, home stagers and architectural draftsman throughout PA, GA and SC. 

Today, Grace and her team work throughout PA and strive to make the world a more beautiful place one space at a time.


Assistant Designer

Alyssa Bonfanti

Alyssa has a natural eye for design and her classic, meets modern approach on interiors refreshes spaces beautifully and timelessly. Her experience in home staging and new build construction design is a valuable aspect to our design experience. 

Alyssa has a gift for transforming our client's wishlists into functional, beautiful and elegant spaces that impact the quality of the home and life of those living with it.

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Design Assistant 

Lisa Cousins

Lisa is a talented installation artist, art instructor, planner and loving mother of four girls. Lisa has years of experience in designing art installations throughout Central, PA which spark joy in our area.


Lisa is exceptional at finding the best solutions to any design or technical problem and a knack for not only finding but preserving historic homes. Her love for vintage design has shaped Grace Ryan Design's aesthetic and brand. 

Projects & people


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Let's Work Together!

Enough about us, I want to get to know you and your new project! Let's set up a plan and make your home reflect who you are. 

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