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The things we play as children can become a career!

Grace Ryan Designs started with a girl who grew up wanting to "make things pretty". The creator of Grace Ryan Designs was always busy setting up her doll house, cleaning out her tree house and creating with with her sisters. Today she is making that childhood dream come true!

Who We are


Let's make the world a more beautiful place!​

My mother always said, "leave  a place looking better than you left it". This is exactly what we want to do! Making beautiful homes made for life to happen in is what we are all about. 


Head Designer & Owner 

Grace Cousins

Grace Ryan is a boy mom, daughter, baby sister, artist, writer, introvert and designer. She grew up in Lemont, PA with a house full of sisters who continue to enlighten and inspire her. 


Grace studied interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. The historic charm of Savannah can be seen throughout her work. Grace has also gained experience by working amongst designers, home builders, home stagers and architectural draftsman throughout PA, GA and SC. 

Today, Grace and her team work throughout PA and strive to make the world a more beautiful place one space at a time.


Design Assistant 

Lisa Cousins

Lisa is a talented installation artist, art instructor, planner and loving mother of four girls. She can be found creating for hours in her craft room and hunting for the best solutions to any design or technical problem. 


Lisa is always creating something new and exciting to spark joy. She has years of experience in designing window displays and art installations throughout Central, PA.


She also has a  knack for not only finding but preserving historic homes. Her love for vintage design has shaped Grace Ryan Design's aesthetic and brand. 

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Let's Work Together!

Enough about us, I want to get to know you and your new project! Let's set up a plan and make your home reflect who you are. 

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