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I am so glad you are here, let's make your home your dream home!

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"The Makery was awarded a grant from the Women United group to make a Children’s Space at the Centre County Courthouse"

-Center Daily Times


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Growing up I knew I had a love for making spaces. I would spend hours sprucing up my tree house and doll house rather than actually playing in it. I’d watch my my mom draw floor plans of our home and would sit in my tree house and create my own. I grew up watching my parents rip out pages of magazines and make them a reality as they historically preserved our 1870’s victorian home. I loved seeing how you can make your design dreams come to life with your own hands.


The holidays are coming and that means winter markets! The Bellefonte Art Museum will be hosting a sale through the holidays featuring local artists and original artwork. Visit the space for original artwork and view beautiful holiday displays created by Grace Ryan Designs.


This event will take place from November 3 - December 17th from Friday-Sunday  at 12:00 to 4:30. 

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