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Weekend Mudroom Update

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

See how this historic home got a stylish and fresh new entry. We tackle hiding a cat's litter box while keeping the space functional, bright and a perfect spot for growing herbs. See how we updated this space using a little elbow grease, a weekend and some styling!

Mudroom Etiquette

What does a mudroom need the most... to be functional. The purpose of this space is for freshening up before entering your home. For these clients it's a place for dirty shoes, gardening supplies, hooks for hanging wet towels and warming mittens and let's not forget a place for herbs to grow.

How It Started

Sometimes a design starts with a text. Yup, this client sent me a few pictures and a list of what they were looking for and moments later I got to work. Sometimes the process comes with a few napkin sketches and in this case pink scribbles and a few reference photos.

What To Keep

While looking through the photos, we worked on creating a list of what to keep. Since this was a facelift we wanted to keep this simple and inexpensive. I am an advocate for keeping original features of the home especially when they are as gorgeous as this farmhouse sink! As far as elements brought in we look for what is working with the design and what might be effecting the design. In this case we kept major elements and revamped them. We removed additional pieces that were outdating the space and went for a simple fresh look.

Upgrading Existing Pieces

The client had a beautiful antiqued piece that needed a little freshening up. While I usually love a little rustic flair and keep the chipping paint look, we wanted to create a built in effect in this project. We used brass hardware to give a vintage feel and go with what the cabinet might originally have had. We also painted it to match the wall color which is Timeless from Clare Paint.

Hidden Litter Box

If you are a cat owner you know you are always trying to find a good place to house the litter box and not see it. The client previously had it under the sink with a fence hiding it. We used this same location but added a skirt to the sink which is traditional for farmhouse sinks and an easy way for your cat to get in and out discreetly. It is also an added perk if your client is a talented creative who can sew her own beautiful sink skirt! We went with a green and cream striped fabric from Online Fabric Store to go with a timeless, effortless look.

Plant Space

A place for growing herbs was important for these clients. We put shelving all across this long wall for keeping plants out of reach from their cat and to be in the window. We added some brackets from Etsy to elevate it even further. This shelf was one they had in storage and was the perfect fit in this space!


Styling this space was so much fun because they had great pieces to work with. When I style spaces I first look through the rooms of the home and select items to play around with in the space we are working on. I call this portion of styling "shopping in your house". Why buy a bunch of decorative objects when you may already have items that are the perfect look for your space. After I have a few things I love in the space then I go shopping elsewhere. Target has great budget friendly finds that are great for styling and are also functional. My tip is to always shop your home first and then look for structural or functional items to complement what you already have.

Shop The Look!

Paint: Timeless by Clare Paint

Hardware: Rejuvenation

Shelf Brackets: Etsy

Pot Rail: Etsy

Skirt Fabric: Online Fabric Store

Art: Target

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