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Organizing and Styling Using The Rainbow Method

Ever walk into a store and want everything, but then grab one thing and it just isn't the same as when you saw it all together? This is because someone perfectly curated that display to make you want it all. You may also notice that these colors are carefully grouped to be aesthetically pleasing. Read more to see how to make the perfect displays at home using the rainbow method. This may sound like an activity you did in elementary school but it shows you just how easy it can be! Organizing and styling your home may be overwhelming but let me show you my tips for making it simple.

What Is The Rainbow Method?

If you aren't sure how to arrange your items on a shelf and you have a lot of them, try the rainbow method. This method is just like a rainbow, you organize using color and size. If you are one who feels overwhelmed by starting the process, this gives you a sense of direction without making you have to think too hard. I know this breaks every rule of the library for books but this can be used for decor as well, so bare with me book lovers!

Organizing For Kids

My son is now 9 months old and his favorite activity is taking everything off of our shelves. I incorporated his books and toys at a level he can reach so his toys are available to him. Later on this will encourage independence because he can recognize the color and size system. Or like kids do, he can create his own system, but wishful thinking right? ;)

How It Works

Why should only our open shelves be pretty when our storage areas, closets and garages can look like a store too! This method is a great way to arrange all areas of your home and keep them looking neat without having to take forever to organize!

This storage area was meant to keep extra display pieces and decor and was meant for the shop keeper and their team. But why not use this storage space as an additional display area?

How We Started

There were so many cool pices in this storage area but no way to see it all. Since these items were for displays and retail I wanted to make sure the owner could see everything and remember what they had.

I started by clearing a shelf to work with and taking everything out of boxes and then sorting pieces by color. This helped me figure out where on the shelves they should be placed. Large items such as lamps and lamp shades I kept together and sorted by size primarily.

Styling By Color

Once we had all of our books and decor sorted by color I started placing everything on shelves. If you are worried you'll run out of space you can also start placing the color which has the most items on the shelf first. I started this project with an entire shelf of just black and white items before I got into any color.

Perks of Styling By Color

Styling by color can make the process so much simpler. Rather than staring at 500 items you have a selection of 20 items and a starting point of stacking by size to jump off of.

Stacking and Grouping

Styling really is two things repeated... stacking items and grouping them together. Flat items like books, magazines and plates can be stacked virtually or horizontally and even used as a backdrop. These stacked pieces add depth and stability to your display. More small organic and unique shaped pieces and trinkets can be used to place onto of these stacks and larger vases and sculptural items can stand alone. Items such as candle sticks, cups, glassware that are all the same can all be grouped together neatly.

3 Is A Magic Number

3 is a magic number not only in School House Rock but in styling. Using 3 different sized items is one of the easiest and best ways to achieve a well styled look. Start by finding a taller decor item and then pair with two smaller items. These pieces can be different textures, colors and completely different types of items but try to find at least two that have something in common. If it is pottery there may be a hint of blue that ties in with the color of the book it's paired with.

The Rainbow Method: Neutral Edition

Don't have a lot of color in your home? No problem! This method works with neutrals too!

To enhance your styling bring in metals and wood tones to add interest to your neutral shelves!

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