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Why You Should Hire a Designer For Your Next Project

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

A guide to how designers can save you time & money, and what they can bring to your next project

Ever dream of having a beautifully designed home but feel like it's out of your budget to hire a designer? You are not alone. This is a common thought but let me show you how hiring a professional can actually help you save you money!

Where Do I Start?

This is a huge one... interior designers can see potential in anything and are skilled at creating unique solutions to household problems. Having a designer take a look at your space prior to starting any projects is also a great money saver. They can help give you clarity and direction. Sometimes this can mean less work than you think needs done! This also gives you an additional opinion on what areas should be worked on first. Consultations are a great way to get a designers input on your home while seeing if you would be a good fit for each other. I highly recommend having a professional come out and see your space or schedule a virtual tour. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all you need!

Product Sourcing

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... designers have access to a wide library of furniture, home decor, textiles and products to source from. Some of these companies aren't even available for public use! Also, while you may need to pay for multiple samples you'll never use again, some companies work with designers to make these samples free. Who doesn't love the word free! So not only are you working with people who know these companies and their products from the inside out but who have access to places you might have never known about! So yes this only saves a little money but this is just an awesome perk to having a professional work with you!

Home Value

You have probably heard the buzz about how to increase the resale value of your home. While I want to remind clients that this is YOUR home and it should be what makes you feel comfortable, it never hurts to incorporate style and value. This is something interior designers have mastered as well. We pay close attention to what most clients are drawn too. Designers are aware of the trends and how to design in a way that stays relevant for their clients. A designer's goal is to make a beautiful and functional space. This includes thinking about layouts, knowing what to upgrade, keeping the home's original character and so on. They will know how to guide you on what options and ideas are available for your space to help you save and make you money in the long run! If fun design is your thing or you just like an upgrade every once in awhile and don't want to keep spending money to changing them out, designers can help select transitional pieces such a pillows, decor, linens etc. that can be easily swapped out when you need a fresh look.

Investment Pieces

Investment pieces are high quality items that are meant to be long lasting, functional and transitional. These items may be more expensive upfront but will be a better investment for your home in the long run. Interior designers are familiar with what companies have high quality products and can guide you on when the money is worth spending. They may advise you to purchase investment pieces typically with items like couches and other furniture pieces that are used daily.

Material Performance

Materials selections such as flooring, tile, textiles and countertops can come in many different price ranges and performance types. Having knowledge about how these products work with your home is super important when selecting materials. If you have kids or pets you may need different products that are more durable vs. a home with none. This can help save you time and money so you don't have to keep replacing products after a year of use or deal with unexpected hiccups you weren't anticipating. So no need to cry over spilt wine on your countertops because a designer will help you select the right product for your lifestyle!

Time Is Money

Ever hear the phrase time is money? This is true, your time matters and adds us quick! This goes along with product sourcing because designers are constantly seeing new product, keeping up to date with what is available and know what companies have what you are looking for. This is a huge time saver especially if the designer works at an hourly rate. They are quick at sourcing because they know where to ship and quick with coming up with ideas! Often we know right away where to find your perfect relaxed and cozy sofa because we saw it on our daily internet hunts or showroom visits! The amount of time you spend running to 12 stores, the money spent buying the wrong paint and supplies at the hardware store and so on can add up quickly. But not to worry that's what us designers live for... we love the hunt for the perfect lighting, the planning, the errands and research.

Color Theory

Color theory is one of the coolest and most mind blowing features of design. Interior designers naturally have an eye for design, color and space. Color is a huge factor in design and can transform the mood of the room along with your mood of you in the room. Did you know that when you are at a McDonalds the harshness of the colors is literally to make you eat and get out?? Designers did that on purpose. Isn't that fascinating? Color can also make a room feel warm vs. cool depending on the tone of the color! So even if you aren't a "color lover", designers know what is needed in your space and what will make the biggest impact. Yup, its true no white, gray, beige and black are the same. They all have undertones that can make or break the design if not tackled correctly. But no worries, I can help with that ;)

Creating Plans That Work For You

Though I typically approach the design process a certain way, no service is one size fits all. Not all projects fit in the order of consultation, designing, materials delivery and installion etc. Many projects come to me that work completely different. Whether it's a conversation through text, sending pictures and ideas back and forth, meetings throughout the process (with coffee of course), weekly email correspondence, just need ideas or want me to be there through the entire step of the way, you got it! Having this be open to how you prefer the process works notably gives you a custom design experience but allows you to decided where your money is used. I love to create custom plans that work for the client and what works for their budget and busy life. And I would so love to help you!

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