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How Grace Ryan Designs Started

Updated: Apr 16

Grace Ryan Designs has been dream of mine almost from the very beginning and I didn't even realize it. I have always had an interest in design, at an early age I was building structures with blocks, decorating my doll house and creating a cozy tidy home in my tree house.

For years my mom would say I had a calling to be in the design world. Like her, when I grew up I "wanted to make things pretty". I didn't know what that meant for me until I left for college. Since fifth grade I had my heart set on Savannah College of Art and Design and I was finally there, the haven for creatives. It wasn't until my drawing professor pulled me aside and told me to try an interior design class that I realized my mom was right (should have know that, aren't they always right?) My favorite study spot was a cozy corner in the cafe of Paris Market. I'd sit there for hours working and taking in all the inspiration around me. I dreamed that one day I could design a space that would make someone feel the way I did in that booth.

Now, I am a mama to be and somehow when nothing seems to make sense, I am also starting to see how all the pieces of my life are coming together. I think about what my baby boy will grow up to be, who I can help him become and it reminds me that the things I once played as a child can be made into a living as a grown up. So for him and his mama, I know it is time to make Grace Ryan Designs a dream come true.

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