• Grace Cousins

Why does my home not feel like home?

Updated: Mar 27

Have a little heart to heart with your home or apartment... you'll never feel the love if you don't give a little love back.

  • Light a candle, one that encompesses who you are. Sometimes foreign smells in your space can disconnect you making you feel like a visitor in your own home.

  • Do some light cleaning, a freshly vacuumed rug is not only satisfying but can make a room feel bigger. It is even better if you make it a meditative routine.

  • Are the things in your home bringing you joy? A home doesn't have to be filled with brand new, trendy pieces and sometimes when it is it feels less like your space. It is ok to take your time selecting items for your home that speak to you and sometimes that comes with time so be patient with yourself because nesting is a process.

  • Try cooking a meal and making it a little extra luxurious. Buy some flowers, set the table and really spend time in your kitchen creating and take time to sit down and nourish yourself. Try taking time to do this for yourself or with friends often.

  • Do you have a space for you? No for real, not a desk for work, a bed, or a table to eat at but a place designated for you. For me an area to paint and put my makeup on makes me feel at home.

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