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Fabric 101: What is COM & COL?

Ever hear the term COM & COL used when speaking to a designer or manufacturer? These are just a few of the many terms designers and design specialists may use when working on a project. Here is what you need to know about COM & COL!

What Is COM?

COM is an acronym for Customer's Own Materials. This is used especially in dealing with custom upholstery and drapery orders. This allows you to use whatever fabric you may have selected or have on hand! When looking for companies to work with see if they offer this service.

What is COL? COL stands for Customer's Own Leather. Seems pretty niche, I know, but it is commonly used in the supply industry. Just Like COM, it means if you have a leather selection you would like to use. Many custom furniture industries will allow this. It is important to note that not all companies allow COL even if they allow COM so be sure to check with a representative or review their terms on their website. Manufacturers will often tell you how much yardage you will need your for product as well!

Why choose COM or COL? Designers often want to give their clients a custom feel and give them a space that feels 100% them! Having a designer work with you on your material selections can help you think out of the box and achieve a one of a kind look, improving your design and experience.

Fabric Selection

There is a lot that goes into selecting your fabric and we will save all the details for another blog post but primarily what you need to know for COM is how will the product be used. Look for stain resistant fabrics for counter stools in your kitchen or upholstered dining chairs. Durable material and even pet friendly options may be best for sofas, chairs, and loveseats in a busy family home. Ask yourself or your client how they plan to use the piece. This will help answer what fabric is the best option. Follow along to see our guide for making the best decisions when it comes to fabric durability on the blog!

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