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Creating A Mood Board

Updated: Mar 21, 2023


JAN 4,2023

When Pinterest, design magazines and home decor books are inspiring you a little too much it's time to take a breath and focus on what YOU really envision. There are tons of amazing design ideas, techniques and materials to use within your project but honestly there are too many sometimes. I see this often in my own work and my own space. Mood boards are a great way to keep you from getting overwhelmed and distracted. I always start with a mood board and here are my tips to create your own.

Finding the Right Words

When first starting your mood board, thinking about how you want to feel in the space is vital. Jot down a few words that come to mind when you are envisioning yourself in the room. Calm, moody, happy, comfortable... it can be anything. Don't think too hard or try to perfectly curate it, let the process work it's magic.

Common Themes

When you do look through magazines, books, Pinterest and blogs notice your common themes. Gather as little or as much as you like. It can be anything from a color swatch that caught your eye, your favorite shoes or a magazine clipping.

When you gather all your inspiration you can often find a common theme. For me I always notice a specific color scheme or an era of furniture. Think about what aspects that might continuously jump out at you. Often you'll notice what you are most drawn to because of these common themes that appear.

Take Notes

You don't have to totally toss out inspiration images even if they may not work for your space. Take note to why you were drawn to that image. These notes are great to have on hand for future projects.

Cut & Paste

Have fun layering your images! My favorite way is throwing it all on the dining room table, cutting out my images and collaging them all together. Tape them on the wall or use Canva Pro to create a digital mood board. Play around with it, take a few pictures and screen shots of the things you liking and let these mood boards keep you focused while designing your home.

Happy designing!

xoxo Grace

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