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Best Places To Find Inspiration For Your Home

So you are starting a project and want some inspiration, or maybe you just need a little pep in your step when it comes to dressing your home. Here are a few ways that help me feel inspired when I am starting a new project, styling a space or creating.

Thrifting & Antiquing

Sometimes a great design idea starts by finding a unique piece to design around. I love looking for furniture pieces or architectural features to integrate into my projects. This is a great way to add character in your space as well. When searching for antiques and thrift finds try looking for antique doors, corbels and lighting fixtures. These items are not only functional but they can easily spark inspiration for the entire design the room, making a big impact in your home.

If I am feeling a little uninspired taking a trip to my favorite thrift and antique stores is just the thing to get my ideas spinning. To me there is nothing more inspiring than seeing potential in an old piece of furniture or finding a perfect decor item that was exactly what I was looking for in my space.


Pinterest is my personal favorite when it comes to finding inspiration. It is super accessible and they are a great resource for designers, homeowners and renters to find out of the box ways to design their homes.

My tip for using Pinterest is to follow lots of designers and home focused pinners with a similar style to you, this will help Pinterest generate a feed that is fit to inspire you every time you login. I am always on Pinterest looking for my personal home and for my clients so check out some of my latest ideas, find and more, here!

Fashion Blogs

Fashion is a very out of the box but awesome way to get inspiration from your home. Think about where you like to shop. Use these places and the things that jump out at you to get ideas for color schemes and textures you'd like to use in your home. One of my favorite places to get inspiration from is Anthropologie because it is very similar to my interior design style. Some other place to check out if your style is similar to mine is WeWoreWhat Blog and Julia Berolzheimer


I always feel my most inspired when I visit family or go on a trip. Something about being with my sisters makes me feel my most authentic and creative self. I also see them when I visit my favorite place on earth, Savannah, GA. Savannah and my time spent there has greatly influenced my personal style and has had a huge impact on my designs. Think about a place you feel the most like you and visit! When you are traveling you have this separation from your day to day life and reality which allows you to relax a little more and see things in a different perceptive. I love how exploring a new city or new place even for a short weekend getaway can give you a fresh new joy.

Walking In A New Neighborhood

I'm sure you've heard of taking a walk to clear your head but have you ever taken a walk to feel more inspired? I do this all of the time and it really works! One of my favorite things to do is walk in a neighborhood that has a great view, historic homes and awesome landscaping and really focus on everything I see. This is something my parents would always do on family vacations and I remember them dreaming about what would be cool in their own home. They now have their dream home but still to this day walk through their neighborhood and see new beauty. When you go on your walk try to free your thoughts It's not about what is practical or realistic but what excites you.

Books & Magazines

My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is go to Barnes & Noble, get a coffee and flip through their home magazines. This is my go to when I need a lazy day, inspiration pick me up. I suggest not picking up one or two but grab a bunch of different types of magazines.Even if you don't think they are your style you never know what you might find. Fashion, interiors, garden and event magazines can all have great ideas for your project. Check out Domino, Dwell, Elle Decor, Flow and Southern Home are a few of my go to's.

Books are not only fun to use as endless inspiration but are great to collect and decorate with. I have shelves of design books I used in college and beyond and love to look back on them. My favorite books I own are Maison, The Perfectly Imperfect Home, Domino, and In The Pink. The list can go on and on for interior design books I recommend but I will save that for another day and another blog post!

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