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Adding Personality to Your Nursery on a Budget

Decorating my son's nursery was a huge part of my nesting process. I had a very neutral space and I wanted to add warmth and personality to his room without breaking the bank. I first "shopped" my home for items I already had, including thrifted treasures and family heirlooms. Rather than buying extra decor items that would be changed out as he grew, we decided to style the space using personal and functional items. Here are a few ways you can decorate and add personal touches to your child's room or nursery on a budget.

Wall Decor

Most of what is framed in our son's room are pieces I once had in our living room. I'm always collecting art and frames from antique and thrift stores to use throughout my house. This is a great way to fill those empty walls and it's fun to find an old painting that speaks to you.

When I'm out shopping I seem to always be drawn to the same color scheme so the pieces I own work in any room of my house. Some things I like to look for while thrifting are very large frames and art because they make the biggest statement. Tiny frames are also great and can be used in fun and unexpected ways to bring life to a lonely wall. Try looking for frames with unique textures and removable backs and change out the images for something more personal. My son's nursery is filled with tickets from his first plane ride, things I've sketched, family photos and little things in nature I've gathered during our walks together.

Another item I bought and love are small brass hanging frames from Ikea. These are super easy to change out and very inexpensive. They are great for images that might be an odd shape and size since they don't have a border or mat. Currently we have our son's ultrasound pictures in them. They'd also be great for displaying art, dried flowers, letters, your baby shower invitation and more. Such a great way to capture memories and add personality to your space!

We all know babies are gifted many toys and books, so select a few of your favorites and display them! I love changing out the toys on my son's shelf and making it feel new and special for him. One of my favorite items we have displayed is the beautifully illustrated book, Henny Penny, which is our little man's nickname. Using books and toys as display pieces not only gives the room a touch of personality but function as well.

I found these rod and canvas wall mount baskets at Ikea and I absolutely love them! They are great for all areas of your home such as, storing produce in your kitchen or supplies in your laundry room. I hung mine lower to the ground so my son can have easy access to the items in the pockets. I can later swap out the items for his new favorites.

What's in a Name

I had a feeling very early on that I was having a boy so we had our name all ready. I was calling our son Henry throughout the process and it helped me bond with him throughout my pregnancy. His name means "house ruler" and he certainly rules the decor choices throughout our home! However you decide to name your baby, using their name throughout their room is a sweet little way to introduce them into the world.

We were gifted a beautiful hand embroidered sweater from the cutest little shop, By A Thread Boutique and it is easily my favorite decor item in his room. The sweater is nice and big, so while he is growing into it we have it hung on his closet door. This is a super cute, functional decor item that we can keep forever. To match this sweet sweater my mom embroidered the shirt of a pillow pal doll from Target so Henry and his buddy could have matching shirts. When Henry is not sleeping, I love having the doll displayed in his crib as a sweet personalized touch.

Sentimental Items

If you are anything like me you buy yourself flowers from Trader Joes very often. Adding flowers and plants to your child's nursery is a quick and easy way to refresh and bring life to their space. Rather than using a traditional glass vase, look around your home for other glassware or unique vessels. Perhaps something passed down from a family member or a wedding gift. I use an old silver beer mug that is engraved with our son's great grandfather's name. I love having this in our nursery because it is a great way to incorporate his middle name. It is a sweet, sentimental and very subtle touch in his room.

Some other items I like to incorporate into the design of a nursery are blankets. We got so many blankets from family and friends when Henry was born and I like to switch them out and hang them on the side of the crib or bassinet. They also look pretty draped on the changing table and baskets in his room.

Think about what items may have meaning to you, I love using things that were passed down from relatives or from your own childhood room. These pieces are a great way to save money and they tell the story of your family. Mirrors, dressers, chairs, lamps, and art are great things to use second hand and give the space a piece of your family. Items I do not recommend cutting corners with are strollers, carseats, cribs, anything that can be a safety threat to your little one!

And lastly my favorite nursery decor tip. Who doesn't love baby shoes? My mom just couldn't part with her little girls' baby shoes so she chose her favorites and she now uses them to decorate one of the family Christmas trees. Using baby shoes that your little one has already out grown or is still growing in to is an easy way to make you say "awww" while you decorate those book shelves and window sills.

Pillow Pal Doll: Target

Wall Storage: Ikea

Frames: Ikea

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