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Meant For The Apartment

Updated: Mar 27

New apartments come with needing new things... I always felt like no matter how many apartments I moved into I was always missing something or bringing along things I just don't need. Now that I'm settled in and have lived in many different one bedroom apartments I made a list of my favorite everyday items.

Winia WOR07R3ZELRetroMicrowave,0.7Cu.Ft,CityBlue

This is easily the cutest and affordable microwaves I've ever seen. My clunky old microwave recently died on me and just got this one from Amazon and love it.

Nespresso Machine

This is a must if you are a coffee lover and don't want to be buying $7 lattes each week (nothing wrong with treating yourself of course) but this machine instantly made my kitchen table desk at home feel like my own personal coffee house. I recommend the steamer that does with it, it is super easy, quick and adds to the barista effect.

Also... follow Andrea @lifeonstillwaterlane on Instagram to see how she styles her Nespresso coffee bar.

Wardrobe Style

Even with closet space I am always overflowing with clothes and they are cute so I might as well display my go to clothes! My dad made a clothing rack out of metal pipes from the hardware store and I spray painted it gold and LOVE it. It also can be taken apart to save space when you move.

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