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10 Interior Design Styles and Where To Shop

Trying to figure out which interior design style fits you best? The list of styles seems to be endless but here are 10 that we are loving! Wondering where to shop these looks? We got you covered and came up with a few of our favorite companies to shop from!


Starting off with my absolute favorite design style... Transitional. Transitional seems to be very misunderstood, and wildly popular without people even knowing it. Clients rarely use this term to describe what they are looking for and its often exactly what they are asking for. So let me explain what this design style really includes. Clients often come to me looking for a mix of traditional with modern updates and that is what Transitional style is. It's the perfect balance of contemporary with classic pieces, patterns or materials. Transitional design is a huge part of my personal design style because I love mixing classic design with unique furnishings or patterns. I also love the balance between softness and structure.

So here is a good rule to follow when trying to accomplish this look... say you have a more modern, sleeker looking couch. Try pairing it with a more traditional style chair or pillows with a classic pattern. Think large scale items and minimal decor. Decor elements are where you can bring is metals of any kind, glass and antique pieces.! This style also loves natural light, so embrace the light you have in your space. A great way to do this is to hang elegant draperies above your window. This gives a grander feel and brings in more light while still allowing for privacy if you like.

If this style speaks to you, a company I recommend is Rejuvenation. They carry high quality lighting, furniture, decor and hardware that reflects the transitional vive very well. This company is also a great option for Arts & Crafts lovers. Currey & Company is a high end source that has incredible lighting and furniture. Anthropologie Home is a great place to find more colorful and whimsical transitional decor.


Coastal design is one that if done well will never go out of style. This is a popular choice for beach houses, lake homes, and southern homes. Coastal design is strongly influenced from nature especially water. Neutral colors along with soft blues and greens can often be found in this style of design.

To achieve this look in a sophisticated and elegant way try being conceptual. This means rather than using shells, sand and beach themed decor opt for decor items that give the feeling of the coast. Items such as seeded glass, natural wood, wicker, linen fabrics and abstract artwork will give a sophisticated Coastal look.

Serena and Lily is my go to for clients who love this airy coastal vibe. Their products are extremely beautiful and make a big statement in your home. These pieces are great investments and truly elevate your space.


Scandinavian design has increased its fandom recently and even influences the design of nurseries and playrooms. Scandinavian design is clean, natural and uses lots of contrast. You will often see a strong use of lighter wood mixed with black and neutral colors. The design is revolved around utility and is very minimal. This style is often used now for children spaces because of how closely it relates to Montessori learning and is great for creating gender neutral spaces.

Crate and Barrel has tons of simple designs for any home and are a great source for Scandinavian design lovers.

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern for a while now has been a popular look to achieve.

Authentic Mid Century pieces can be easily found on websites such as Chairish and 1st Dibs but may also be found and collected at local antique sellers. Using real vintage goods in a space not only elevates the mid century look but adds character. For more modern day options, West Elm and CB2 are my go to for sophisticated home furniture, textiles and decor. A great feature about West Elm especially is the ability to choose from high quality fabrics for your furniture selections.

Modern Farmhouse

When you think of Modern Farmhouse you may think of Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper whose talent for design has increased a desire for this style of home. Modern Farm House is inspired by old barns and beautiful fields. Natural materials like wood and stone are often used in this type of design. Neutral colors and contrasting black metal with soft white are also used.

Schoolhouse is a great option for farm house pieces that add a little more color to your space. Kathy Kuo Home is another great option for furniture pieces to build your space around.


Industrial design has been wildly popular for many clients when designing their bar and entertaining spaces. Industrial design is moody, rustic and raw. Rough wood, metal and building materials may be exposed.

A great way to accomplish this design beautifully is by adding modern, clean elements. This balance between the rough textures and exposed metal and smooth accessories will give a polished look to your space.

My favorite places to shop for industrial pieces are CB2. Looking to add natural elements to your industrial space? Shop small with Rothrock Wood Project. They salvage downed trees and turn them into headboards, bartops, coffee tables, end tables, dining tables, charcuterie boards and grazing tables. If you are local to central Pennsylvania definitely go visit their workshop & showroom.


Plant life, artwork, The Bohemian style is such a fun one to work with and is so distinct from any other style. Here is where you can play with lots of textures and layers and be more free in your design. Pillows, throws, fabrics, rugs all can add pattern, color and texture. Layering is a huge part of Bohemian style. Layering rugs can be a great way to achieve this casual, lounge like style.

My tip to achieving this look is to select a warmer color pallet such as reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. These give the space a warm, cozy feeling and pair very nicely with wood and brass elements.

There are tons of places to find awesome Boho decor and rugs. My favorite places to shop this look are Anthropologie Home, The Opalhouse Collection at Target and Arteriors.


Modern is one of those styles that can be very vague because often it is used to describing wanting newer, fresher updates. But the Modern or Contemporary style is clean, sleek and minimal. Modern updates can be made to just about any space and style but for full modern design, clean and geometric is the way to go. Modern is all about strong materials, concrete, chrome, and glass. Think Luxury and geometric.

With Modern design there are less decor items and ornate details. It is more focused on structure and balance. Wow factors can be seen in bold, large scale artwork, flooring materials, the use of glass and stone and water or fire features.

Here are a few places to shop if you love this cool, sophisticated and luxurious vibe. Rove Concepts, Burke Decor and AllModern are my go to modern sellers.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts style is one that has been gaining popularity in that past few years. There is a strong use of wood work, stained glass and metal that go with this style. The colors in this style or typically neutral and hearty shades. Think of dark and mossy greens, deep purples and ambers along with dark browns and cream. This style is very inviting and classic.

A popular name in Arts & Crafts that shaped the era is William Morris. William Morris created beautiful patterns for wallpaper and textiles that are well known and appreciated today. These patterns are inspired by nature and are well crafted and make for a timeless wow factor in any home. Sanderson Design currently has a great selection of Morris & Co wallpaper, fabrics and paint to choose from.

French Country

Growing up this was one of my favorite styles. Maybe I was influenced by the pink and white decor of my childhood bedroom but there is such a beautiful feeling behind French Country style. This is another style that thrives off the use of antiques. I would describe French Country being delicate, dreamy, feminine and airy. Chandeliers are a huge part of French Country style. They add a bit of sparkle and Parisian romance to the space. Another common feature is rustic wooden furniture paired with upholstery. Upholstery is typically in white, cream or beige and has soft ruffled and skirted details.

English Elm is a great source for French country designs and for lighting, Visual Comfort is the place to check out! I also recommend visiting Flea markets and antique malls to source Parisian influenced lighting and furniture.

There you have it. What style is speaking to you? Let this be a start to discover your own unique style, one that tells your story and makes you feel at home.


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