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What is a mood board?


A mood board is a collection of abstract items which become the base of your design. I use images and text to capture the mood of your space.

What is a concept board?


A concept board is a page showing a potential design for your space. This gives you an idea of where furniture pieces and accessories will be placed and how they can be styled.


What is consult call?


A consultation call takes place in the very beginning. This is where we get to know each other a little better and gather a list of what you are looking for, for your project. After your call, I will send you a mood board to get you excited for your project. A consultation call can lead to a design if you choose or just give you a fresh perspective on your project from a professional.

How can we contact you?

I am available Monday-Friday 9am- 5pm and can be contacted through email, phone or text